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  • Financial planning
  • Audit Assistance


  • 30+ years of public accounting experience
  • Admitted to practice before the US tax court
  • Comitted to continual education of tax laws and regulations

We are a small accounting firm located in downtown Menlo Park, California, providing tax services to businesses and individuals for the past 30+ years. We take pride in providing professional and friendly services to our clients, and are always available when our clients need us.

Client Portal

Using the latest software and technology, we provide our clients with an easy and convenient method of transferring documents securely, as well as giving them access to their prior years worth of tax documents. This allows our clients to download their tax returns in minutes, rather than waiting days it receive it in the mail.

If you are a current client, you can login to the client portal by clicking here. If you need an account, send an e-mail to support@cproctor.com and one will be setup for you.


Although we only list the services a majority of our clients use on our website, we can also assist our clients with almost any financial situation they might find themselves in. If, for some reason, we are unable to help, we are well networked with other tax professionals that we will recommend.

Personal Taxes

We stay ahead of the always changing tax environment in order to provide tax planning and preparation which will minimize taxes and preserve assets. Our clients can reach us year round when facing tax questions or when seeking advice.

Financial Planning
Audit Assistance

We are well prepared to represent our clients when facing a tax audit, and will aggressively work to settle the matter at the lowest cost to the client. While we attempt to settle all disputes as the lowest level, we are willing to pursue the matter through all and any appeals processes necessary.

Non Filers Assistance

Some people have not filed a tax return in years, and we want to help them avoid criminal prosecution and punishment by preparing prior years' tax returns bringing them in compliance with the law.

Tax Court Representation

We are capable and willing to represent our clients, if necessary, before the US tax court. If there is a case beyond our expertise, we are well connected with many great tax attorney's that we will recommend, who can be of further assistance.

IT Consulting

In addition to our accounting services, we also provide specialized IT consulting services. We are able to assist in designing and building small business and corporate networks, provide security via firewalls, allow remote access to your network with VPN solutions, and more.

For more information, contact Jeff Merver.

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